How the Game is Played

West Texas high school football is its own unique culture.  Full of history and tradition, today’s high school teams often help shape the identity of the rural communities they represent.  On any given Friday night, one will see an event steeped in school spirit and patriotism where both teams still pray before kickoff. Each team has their own unique set of customs when they take the field.  But after kickoff there’s no telling what you see under the lights.  A fan is certain to witness amazing athletic feats. At this level of the game though mistakes are common.  Football is a violent sport and that is partially what makes it entertaining. According to the National Collegiate Athletics Association, 6.9%, of all high school football players in the United States will play in all three of their divisions.  1.6% of those will be drafted into the NFL.  Considering these odds, what are the responsibilities of these communities who hold the success of their football teams sacred and attach the identity of their communities to the outcome of high school football?

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